Weaver Leather

What Protects YOUR Horse's Legs?

You wouldn't run a marathon without a pair of good, supportive running shoes? Or play a game of football without pads? And you most likely wear shin guards when playing soccer?  So why would you put a strenuous ride on your horse without protecting his legs? Think about it.    

Sure, horses were created to roam free and run wild...without support boots. But the moment we decided to tame them and put ourselves on their backs we put them in positions that aren't always natural for them. Therefore we should take the responsibility of keeping them healthy and sound.  

Team Weaver

"C and C Horsemanship, LLC., is a proud partner serving as brand ambassadors for Team Weaver. From testing product, photoshoots, and more, we are glad to share the Weaver Leather brand values of quality and respect." - Weaver Leather