Welcome to C and C Horsemanship!

Hello everyone, and welcome to C and C Horsemanship! 

Chad and I (Christiana), being recently married, so much enjoy working together doing what we love and are very excited for the start of our training business here in Ohio! Though we may be new horse trainers in Ohio with a new business, our experience consists of years of working with horses and encountering many well known horsemen and women, learning from a wide variety of equine specialists. We take pride in our certification by Ken McNabb Horsemanship as Master Trainers and refer to his methods of Horsemanship in most of our training. We enjoy testing our skills and knowledge as we receive horses for training and work with their riders as well.

If you have been following us on Facebook, you probably already know of the exciting progress of our facility! If you are just joining us we would like to proudly announce the construction of our facility here at C and C Horsemanship with our fully indoor and heated arena; footing designed by Kiser Arena Specialists, Inc. and maintained with a Kiser DragMaster. We also have an eleven stall barn going up alongside the arena, both are located beside our already existing outdoor arena. The indoor arena is scheduled to be ridable by the end of September, 2015, and the barn will have horses in it and be functional before the winter hits! This is a dream come true for us to be able to have a place to ride ALL YEAR long!

Thank you for checking us out and we hope to hear from you sometime! Follow along with us on Facebook and Instagram or here on the website.