What Protects YOUR Horse's Legs?

support boots
Support Boots

You wouldn't run a marathon without a pair of good, supportive running shoes? Or play a game of football without pads? And you most likely wear shin guards when playing soccer?  So why would you put a strenuous ride on your horse without protecting his legs? Think about it.    

Sure, horses were created to roam free and run wild...without support boots. But the moment we decided to tame them and put ourselves on their backs we put them in positions that aren't always natural for them. Therefore we should take the responsibility of keeping them healthy and sound.  

Now, I'm not saying we HAVE to Velcro on a pair of boots every single time we saddle up our horse and go for a ride, whether its in the arena or out on a trail ride. Have you ever picked burrs out of Velcro? Not fun!  But when you are planning on going out there and working on your turn on the hindquarters, or side passing, or loping strenuously...this is when you should closely consider the protection of your horse's legs.  

We turn to our Weaver Leather athletic boots to protect our horses. As well as protecting against nicks and bumps, they are designed to support and protect the suspensory tendons and ligaments while still allowing free movement. Easy to put on, easy to take off, and easy to clean!      

Chad and I put together a short video for Team Weaver on this subject while also showing you how to easily put on your support boots. Check it out!