Natural Horsemanship

Chad and Christiana are two natural horsemanship masters. If you want your horse trained correctly, use their abilities!   You will  not be disappointed. In my day, ( I am 71 yrs. old ), most trainers used brute force and gadgets to make a horse submissive. Chad and Christiana use a calm, methodical approach; they are gifted at seeing things from a horse’s perspective, and they focus on building the horse’s trust and confidence. They have greatly helped with the building of the relationship between me and my horse. I now continue with my responsibility in that work. My horse “Cash” and I say “thank you” : )  

Blessings on your trails,
Linda Fair


Enthusiasm and Values

My husband and I bought a gelding at the Diamond McNabb sale in June of 2014. He is everything that was advertised and more. His trainer in Wyoming was Christiana. In anticipation of Spring trail riding we felt a " tune up" was in order. There was no question where they would benefit the most.....C and C Horsemanship. We are so fortunate to have them in Ohio. Hats off to Ken McNabb for providing this opportunity to young adults to learn proper horse training, enthusiasm for life and strong family values.

Dean & Sandy Putt

SugarCreek, Ohio